What is Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy?
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Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) is a clinically proven, highly effective process to help couples suffering from distress. EFT is based on a theory of adult love and attachment, as well as a process for healing distressed relationships. It recognizes that relationship distress results from a perceived threat to basic adult needs for safety, security, and closeness in intimate relationships. Created by Dr.Sue Johnson & Dr. Les Greenberg, EFT is a model of couple therapy showing that most couples (over 70%) turned their relationship around from distressed -no matter how distressed -to happy) in 16-20 sessions and over 90% significantly improved. See Dr.Sue Johnson's groundbreaking book "Hold Me Tight" for a thorough understanding of how EFT with a trained therapist can help you. For more information about Dr. Sue Johnson go to www.iceeft.com.

EFT Couple therapy can identify:

In essence, couple therapy makes you aware of the invisible destructive patterns you have both been using, and helps you change these patterns in a positive way.

The process of EFT couple therapy enables you to:

Our therapists help each partner in the relationship to experience the other as a source of security, protection and comfort.


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What is EFT Couple Therapy?

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