Why Haven't We Been Able to Fix It on Our Own?

Many couples say "we tried and tried and nothing worked". Usually these couples have not "tried" couple therapy. When we are stuck and cannot find our own way out, it is wise to ask for help and to "try" something different. Usually when we "try to fix it ourselves" we unconsciously tend to do the same thing over and over because we have no new strategies.

Our Couple therapists are trained to help you recognize problems and patterns that keep you stuck and help you learn news ways of interacting, communicating and loving.

What if there is no hope of repairing our relationship?

The financial and emotional consequences of separation suggest it is still worth seeing a couple therapist. You may be able to resolve the issues that prevent you from having a loving, secure and trusting relationship with your partner or spouse.

And where this is not possible, a couple therapist can help you find a way to separate in a way that reduces the amount of hurt to everyone.

Even if you can't make this relationship work, you can come to a greater understanding of what the patterns are that you have been repeating and that you will inevitably take into a new relationship.


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