Time and Costs

The process is different for every couple. It depends on how long you have been in the relationship, how long you have been having problems, what those problems are and how open each of you are to looking at your part in the conflicts.

The therapy begins with a 2 step assessment process. First meeting the couple together, then meeting each partner individually. Once the assessment is completed, you and the therapist will decide on the frequency and duration of your sessions. However, we usually find that a period of about 3 months is required in most cases. It may take less time or it may take more time depending on the complexities of your situation.

Sessions are between 1 hour and 1 1/2 hours depending on your need, your availability and the therapist's schedule.

How Much Does it Cost?

Most couples who come to couple therapy feel it is worth the cost. A course of couple therapy costs a lot less than the cost of mediators or lawyers. My fee is $170/hr and most couple sessions are 75 min.

Fee range:


Couple therapy provided by our therapists is not covered by OHIP although in some instances may be covered by extended health insurance if you have coverage for a Registered Psychotherapists,


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Time and Costs

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